It is simple really, and it boils down to this: He speaks with his own voice – much like bloggers do. The best part of it is his voice is fresh, when we live in a world of talking points and over-analyzed positions and statements. He sounds like us.

An example of that is found in a recent piece in Stars and Stripes, when asked about some members of Congress calling for a clear withdrawal plan from Iraq:

?I?m glad they finally listened to the American people, and that gave them the courage to get up off of their asses to say what people have been asking for,? he said. ?They?re paid to make hard decisions, and if they?re not going to step up and advocate for the people of America, we?ll get them out of there.?

Booyah, Mr. Hackett. Booyah!

He also gave one of the best answers to a question I’ve ever heard during his interview on the “Fighting Dems” segment on Air America last night. [still working on the damned audio – will get it up as soon as I can]

Finally got the audio working:

Markos asks “How are you planning on running this election? Do you plan on trying to make this positive and keep the ammunition on DeWine and the Republican party? [Markos sets this up by stating it was going to most likely be a contested primary and there was already some division between Hackett/Brown camps]

Hackett: “I’ll even go one step further. I am not running against Mr. Brown, Congressman Brown and I am not running against Mike DeWine. I am fighting for all Ohioans and by extension of being in the U.S. Senate all Americans. That’s my fight. That’s what I’m here for. I’m not here for the title – it doesn’t interest me. I’m not there for the money – it’s a pay cut. I’m there because I want America to be better than how I recieved it from my parents. I want to pass an America that’s better off than what I recieved and I want to pass it off to my children and to my grandchildren. So…that’s my fight…that’s my cause…that’s how I plan to fight it”

Note: Also in this segment, Paul continued his brilliant frame flip on “limited government” that is just brilliant: Democrats are the party of limited government. We want to get government out of our bedrooms, out of the decisions between our wives and their doctors, and not to tell me how many guns I can have in my safe. That is how you handle a frame – redefine it! Classic Lakoff right there.

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