OK, this is the second piece of drivel I’ve seen coming out of Bucyrus. I feel it is time to fire back. The first piece of parroted talking point LTE form letter crap comes from the honorable Mr. Richard J. Rees.

Richard tells us not to be misled, that these issues are not about Governor Taft – he is in his last term anyways. LOL Richard. Thank you for that brilliant insight. I agree that this is not about Taft. Thank you very much. Richard then goes on to parrot the right wing talking points by telling us the issues would: Make politicians less accountable, Open the door to vote fraud, Put more power in the hands of special interest groups, Allow appointed bureaucrats to spend unlimited tax dollars, Give out-of-state millionaires the ability to spend their own personal fortunes to influence Ohio’s elections. I’m not even sure these deserve refutation, but does Richard really think there is no outside money coming in to oppose these issues? What’s your position on that Mr. Rees?

Act 2 in the theater of the uninformed comes from Steve Hall of West Lafayette. Steve does some more (squawk) parroting (squawk squawk) of the outside big money theme, but sweetens it a bit by adding a dash of “liberal activist groups”…you know, those evil liberal groups that gave us clean air and water, voting rights for women, equal rights for blacks…those evil bastards.

Of course Mr. Hall has to throw in the completely unsubstantiated claim that Issue 2 (which is getting support even from his own damned party) would increase voter fraud. Give it up Steve.

His pi?ce de r?sistance (French, Steve, that’s French) comes in the final blow:

Reform Ohio Now is a cancer claiming to be the cure. Their amendments will stifle Ohio voters and corrupt our elections. Make your vote count and vote “no” on issues 22, 3, 4 and 5.

Irony doesn’t get any better than that right there folks. Someone opposing efforts to give voters more voice, decrease long lines on voting day and help increase participation by the working class and those who do not have a high degree of control over their schedules – and using the phrase “their amendments will stifle Ohio voters” and “Make your vote count” in the same damned sentence.

You can’t make shit up that good. What the hell is the matter with Bucyrus?

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