Ohio First MailerWell, you knew it would happen. This has been floating around for a bit, but I’ve been banging my head with my audio/video problem. Seems the opposition is in full retreat and falling back on solid ground: “family values”, gay bashing, pro-life, and that evil halloween monster “election fraud” (irony?). RON is being supported by those marriage hating, anti-Christian, pot smoking abortionists! The horror…the….horror……..the……..horror

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I’m not even sure it is worth the time picking this apart. It is comical really that people will read this and think to themselves, “Harold! We gotta go vote no on these here reform thingies. The pagans are trying to take away the power of our Secretary of State to get good Christians elected. How are we going to get those evil agendas of civil rights, freedom of religion, and tolerance defeated? We must vote NO on these issues!”

“Yep, damn straight Marge. It won’t be fair to let all those people vote without standing in lines for 8 hours. Just won’t be fair. They will all probably vote against our guys. To hell with that! Let’s go vote to ensure our congressional districts remain as crooked as that walkin’ stick of mine.”

Now do you see why Dems and Progressives value education so much?

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