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Paul Hackett on Air America

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Paul Hackett will be on Air America during The Majority Report as part of their Fighting Dems series. I wonder if Markos will slip in a plug for Sherrod seeing how that ad…ok, i’m done with the damned ad thing!

Update: I have the audio, but it is not letting me publish it here…argh! Got it!

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The time is now to make a donation to the Reform Ohio Now effort. Someone has offerered to match up to $50k until this Friday, Oct. 28th. Opponents are pouring in big money (yes, from outside the state too – hypocrites!) and we need to counteract the misinformation ads – they are relying on these to work as there is no field operations going on that I know of.

Donate Today!

Help to run the following ad, which the campaign has polled to be quite effective. Others think so, too.

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Thank You Miss Rosa

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…you were the spark. Rosa Parks died yesterday at the age of 92. Her name is ubiquitous as the person who helped usher in the Civil Rights Movement. Her refusal to be treated as a second class citizen on a Montgomery bus in the mid-fifties is one of the best known examples of citizen activism. I’m sure she never thought of herself as an activist. She was just fed up internally and decided to express that externally in the face of great pressure and fear.

Rosa Parks always made me proud to be an American. Proud to be a […]

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