Martin Gottlieb of the Dayton Daily News has a great piece about the opposition to the RON amendments (hat tip: Blue 88).

Republican leaders oppose the reform, Issue Four, because they are benefitting from the current system. Which party benefits changes from time to time. But it’s always one or the other…

…Truth is, the opponents of reform are scavenging for arguments. Now the question is whether the truth can emerge through the clutter.

Unless the Republicans find a way to mobilize a good many people (do negative TV ads do this?), I don’t think they’ll have much success. RON folks are actually in the streets talking to people. Getting supporters to get out and vote, helping to sway the undecideds, and even garnering some support from the right of center.

Obfuscation is their best tool at this late stage. They are also trying fear as well: Fear that there will be voter fraud, fear that some segments of the population will lose representation. One discussion I had with a Republican highligthed his fear of fraud. I advised him to please take a hard look at his own party. Oh, the irony!

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