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Flippety Floppety Foo

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Wow. If accurate this is truly unreal:

Columbus Dispatch (subscription)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Brown postpones announcing intent to challenge DeWine

Rep. Sherrod Brown, D-Lorain, who had intended to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate this month, has delayed the official announcement until next month. Speculation is that he wants to see whether Issue 4 passes Nov. 8.

If it does, Brown?s safe congressional district would be redrawn by an independent commission in time for the 2008 elections. If it fails, his seat would remain intact until 2012, all but guaranteeing that he would easily win […]

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Mixed Bag’s Ass

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Great. From one of the only blue counties in the damned state, we get this: “Mixed bag of reforms“. An editorial in the Plain Dealer this morning strikes down Issues 3, 4, and 5. They went out on a limb and supported Issue 2, absentee voting. I don’t know, kinda risky! I mean, the Republican controlled House has already gotten behind the idea by offering their own separate proposal…albeit politically timed to take steam out of all RON efforts. Isn’t that the strategy? Say OK to Issue 2 because we will use our House bill to act like we […]

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Martin Gottlieb of the Dayton Daily News has a great piece about the opposition to the RON amendments (hat tip: Blue 88).

Republican leaders oppose the reform, Issue Four, because they are benefitting from the current system. Which party benefits changes from time to time. But it’s always one or the other…

…Truth is, the opponents of reform are scavenging for arguments. Now the question is whether the truth can emerge through the clutter.

Unless the Republicans find a way to mobilize a good many people (do negative TV ads do this?), I don’t think they’ll have […]

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