Hackett for Ohio website is up (thanks Kathie for the tip – too damned busy with this RON canvassing to stay glued to pixels). Site is decent enough, though I think both his and Sherrods are a bit bland. Sherrod’s being brown is cute and all, but doesn’t really jump out at you. Hackett’s is a bit better but maybe a bit busy as well.

hacketforohio.com has a place for people to volunteer as well as a special place for bloggers to sign up. We’ll see what that brings. Looking like Monday for an official launch to Hackett vs. Brown for Senate. Should be fun.

Update: Get Hackett buttons below the fold…

I made up some Hackett buttons that you are free to download and put on your site. Please host them and link to http://www.hackettforohio.com

200×90 size
Hackett for Ohio 200x90 pixels

150×67 size
Hacket for Ohio 150x67 pixels

100×50 size
Hackett for Ohio 100x50 pixels

Ohio for Hackett mini blog button
Ohio for Hackett mini blog button

Paul Hackett mini blog button
Paul Hackett mini blog button

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