From the daily archives: Thursday, October 20, 2005

3 Ring Circus

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The Mike Coleman campaign has put out a poster that highlights the culture of corruption theme in Ohio using a 3 Ring Circus analogy. This really is a great piece of work and should get a good response. They should hand out fake circus invitation leaflets. Those things have a design that usually catches the eye and it would be a really good extension to the poster idea…and bring on the printable pdfs!

See a bigger version

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Answering Kevin O’Brien

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Today’s Plain Dealer has an article by Kevin O’Brien: “Reform Ohio Now? No, no, no and no“. I decided to write a quick letter to the editor in response.

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We need your help! We are having another canvassing event here in Delaware. We had a great event last week, but need to step it up in order to get the most important areas of Delaware covered in time. Time is getting short and those of us who support the RON amendments need to spread the word and educate people in our districts and precincts !

I am organizing in Delaware and can use all the help I can get. I have taken a look at the walk lists and have picked out the most important work to be done, […]

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Hey! I know, let’s act like we thought of it:

COLUMBUS – Senate Republicans yesterday pushed through a bill designed to undermine the chances of a broader measure on the Nov. 8 ballot that allows voters to cast absentee ballots as early as 35 days before an election without having to indicate a reason.

How about a pair of flip flops with those pop tarts:

As recently as this spring, when the Ohio House approved a similar measure with bipartisan support, the Senate GOP balked at the idea.

A similar measure passed the Senate 22-11 yesterday along party lines. […]

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Satin on Futuring

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Mark Satin has a good piece this month on “Futuring” and the release of Edward Cornish’s first book in 28 years. The founder of the World Future Society presents a manifesto that Satin calls “possibly the most significant hands-on political book since David Osborne and Ted Gaebler?s Reinventing Government (1992).”

The sixteen chapter book outlines how to wrestle with the accelerating pace of change with “futuring methods”, the ten ways contemporary futurists get things done.

Mark always writes with a fresh and inspiring sense of possibility and pragmatic optimism. Visit Radical Middle for more on Mark and his […]

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