I ran across a press release for a new piece of software that sounded really intriguing. When I went back to blog about it, the release was removed from the wire…not sure why. A bit of digging turned up a similar release.

This is the first online system offering real-time analysis of how proposed federal legislation impacts existing law. The service is being offered by Potomac Publishing, which is a division of DataStream Content Solutions.

From the release:

“From the moment a bill is introduced, we can immediately tell how it will impact all aspects of existing law,” said Mark Anstey, president of DataStream. “The parties supporting a new law obviously understand their proposal. The opposition, however, is often faced with the huge challenge of determining where the ‘land mines’ are hidden. For anyone who needs to keep an eye on changes in the law-this is something they can’t afford to miss.”

Tools like these are what is needed to sort through the bureaucratic jungle in order to ferret out information and distill it to a point where it can be talked about or debated in plain language. Hopefully campaigns and candidates will utilize it to think and speak more clearly on legislative issues moving forward.