It looks like Republican Governor of California will be making some appearances in Ohio in support of RON Issue 4:

A campaign aide to Mr. Schwarzenegger, Darrel Ng, said Monday that the governor endorsed the Ohio measure, known on the Nov. 8 ballot as Issue 4, though he has not said so publicly. A top supporter of the measures in both states said Mr. Schwarzenegger would participate in a series of public events this week to signal his stance.

Given a simliar initiative in California (Prop 77), it appears the move is being made to defuse the partisan attacks by groups like Ohio First (I’d link it, but there’s no website that I know of). Another point that should take away a bit of the clearcut partisan nature of these issues is that many Dems are opposing it. I’ve looked at their arguments and they all appear to boil down to: “This is bad public policy because someday the rules of the game – however skewed – could benefit us”. Party first politics 101. Nevermind the process and the desire to make improvements, if my side can benefit from it someday then let’s not rock the boat.

I’m sure The Governator will be able to garner significant support her in Central Ohio as he is a long-standing figure with his yearly Fitness Classic. I think it an interesting move, given that the California initiative is being supported by Rs and opposed by Ds, the opposite of what we are seeing here in Ohio. As I have pointed out elsewhere, when Dems were in power in Ohio (someone had to tell me about this because I surely didn’t get to see it), Republicans wanted to do much the same thing and the Dems fought it.

So this issue really can boil down to entrenched political power, which neither side wants to give up nor give up the possibility of getting. I personally would like to see entrenched people power…yeah, I’d settle for that type of corruption.

NYT Article quoted above

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