I told you they were coming. The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting a new attack ad by the folks who brought us “swift boating”:

A Republican-led organization Monday unveiled a television advertisement that suggests there will be out-of-control government spending and a loss of rights if Ohioans approve four election-reform issues on Nov. 8.

The ad depicts a middle-aged man going to a voting booth and being inundated with 19 pages of language, in which it is claimed are “unfair loopholes”.

The biggest misleading tactic comes later:

Because the elected post of the partisan secretary of state would be replaced with an appointed bipartisan board, the ad says in large letters that the proposals would “Take Away Your Right to Vote,” then in tiny letters completes the sentence: “for Chief Elections Officer.”

LOL. Taking away your right to vote. How did I know they would continue the use of Orwellian language? Standing in a line waiting for vote for 6-10 hours seems more like taking away your right to vote…but what do I know?

Rick Reed, as un-American as it gets. Lie, all they can do is lie.

(Note: If anyone can get this ad in electronic format, I’d love to have it. Let me know!)

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