From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reform Ohio Now Ads

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Below are the current Reform Ohio Now Ads. Download links are below if you want to save them to your computer – or just view here!

The RON Culture Club Ad:

Download RON Culture Club Ad

The CEC Culture Club Ad:

Download CEC Culture Club Ad

The Duct Tape Ad:

Download Duct Tape Ad

The Puppet Ad:

Download Puppet Ad

The Goat Ad:

Download The Goat Ad,

Smoke Filled Room Ad:

Download Smoke Filled Room Ad

Help get as many RON […]

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Here Come The Bastards Pt II

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I told you they were coming. The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting a new attack ad by the folks who brought us “swift boating”:

A Republican-led organization Monday unveiled a television advertisement that suggests there will be out-of-control government spending and a loss of rights if Ohioans approve four election-reform issues on Nov. 8.

The ad depicts a middle-aged man going to a voting booth and being inundated with 19 pages of language, in which it is claimed are “unfair loopholes”.

The biggest misleading tactic comes later:

Because the elected post of the partisan secretary of state would […]

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It looks like Republican Governor of California will be making some appearances in Ohio in support of RON Issue 4:

A campaign aide to Mr. Schwarzenegger, Darrel Ng, said Monday that the governor endorsed the Ohio measure, known on the Nov. 8 ballot as Issue 4, though he has not said so publicly. A top supporter of the measures in both states said Mr. Schwarzenegger would participate in a series of public events this week to signal his stance.

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