Most reports are showing that the new Iraqi Constitution will pass and will not be held up by Sunni opposition (CNN, Washington Post, Fox). A closer look, however, might point to the conclusion that we are indeed exporting (installing?) our own unique modern brand of American..cough…democracy.

Mark at DailyKos talks about possible Ninevah fraud given the implausible numbers (quotes Juan Cole).

Al-Hayat reports that 643,000 votes were cast in Ninevah Province (capital: Mosul). At the time it filed, 419,000 had been preliminarily counted, and the vote was running 75 percent in favor. Ninevah Province was the most likely place that Sunni Arabs opposing the constitution might be able to get a 2/3s “no” vote.

Several of my knowledgeable readers are convinced that the Ninevah voting results as reported so far look like fraud. One suspected that the Iraqi government so feared a defeat there that they over-did the ballot stuffing and ended up with an implausible result.

One of my Iraqi-American correspondents compared the turnout statistics from Ninevah and Diyala provinces last Jan. 30 to those coming out now, and found the current numbers completely unbelievable. He pointed out that the Iraqi Islamic Party had not garnered many votes in Ninevah last January, and its support of the constitution could not hope to explain the hundreds of thousands of “yes” votes the constitution appeared to receive on Saturday.

Another DKos post talks about Sunnis being turned away from the polls. Told their polling place was 3 miles away, these folks had no chance to vote due to a no travel ban put in place by the U.S. on election day – nice little one-two punch there. I’m not sure why they didn’t just make them stand in 10 hour lines and remove all pencil sharpeners due to security threats. That might have worked out well, too. (Entire article here)

Welcome to modern democracy in America Iraq! Have fun. Maybe you can get some voting reforms passed. We’re working on that now in Ohio. Ain’t democracy a wonderful thing? Reading the WaPo article above will also clue you in to the fact that Constitution or not, BushCo is certainly not out of the woods yet on Iraq….and more bad press keeps on comin’ as 6 children are among the dead in a “targeted attack on insurgents”. Is this Groundhog Day? I’m going back to sleep.

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