First seen at UA Progressives, this thread on Daily Kos from Paul Hackett is a call to action – mainly for others who could and would run and fight for progressive change:

Out of the hundreds of thousands who come here each day, I’m guessing we have some people who would make excellent public servants. You don’t need a classical political pedigree to drive change, you just need to follow your heart, fight, and never give up.

Then the question. The big question. Would he run for Senate in 2006 or allow Brown and the Dems to push him out. We all sorta knew he’d be in:

I’m in the race. My message to Sherrod Brown is: “the water’s nice, come on in.”

by Paul Hackett

I have not really spoken out on the whole Hackett-Brown situation and won’t do so in much detail here. Suffice to say I think it sends a bad signal to handle the situation as poorly as I think Sherrod handled it. This is good news, if for only the simple fact that we don’t lose Hackett altogether. I hope they don’t beat each other up too bad and that the people of Ohio choose the right guy. I think Hackett is the guy and is very electable…more on that later.

It occurs to me that Major Hackett’s post brought back memories of the grenade range. Throw and duck…cuz this babies gonna blow!!

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