One of the big arguments by those opposed to RON that has come out recently is that the effort is completely driven by outsiders and is not in the best interest of Ohioans. You know, the boogeyman rhubarb meant to strike fear of the unknown or the outsider. Sound familiar? Quick…which side in the political spectrum uses such tactics? Ding Ding Ding! Correctamundo.

Seems as though carpetbaggers are everywhere. Today on the state lawn saw a gathering of “Reformation Ohio“, a group whose goal it is to spread evangelism, voter registration, and compassionate projects. Nice little mix there, dontcha think? I wonder where they might end up on the RON thing? Well, let’s just say it would not be in the best interest for them to push for leveling a right-leaning playing field by any means.

Most interesting were the guests. Rod Parsley brought in Senator Sam Brownback (of Kansas), and Representative Walter Jones (of North Carolina).

Their goal is to motivate “values voters” in Ohio (god where have I heard THAT before – pardon the pun). What values would those be? What compassion projects are we working on? Giving a voice to the poor and less fortunate? Ensuring people who want a voice don’t have to wait in line for 6, 12, or 18 hours in order to exercise this voice? Would that be the one? How about getting more big money out of politics so the politicians might just listen to these little people once in a while? Is that the value project we are working on?

What do North Carolina and Kansas have to do with Ohio? Pushing an agenda is what. Hypocrites.

I challenge Reformation Ohio, The Center for Moral Clarity, and the Patriot Pastors to make amends. I’m willing to forgive. Get on your knees and ask for forgiveness in not supporting the removal of political corruption in the state. Ask Jesus, he’ll tell you. The people of Ohio deserve a system that allows their voice to be heard by better voter access to the process; they deserve the limiting of big dollar influencers upon the process; they deserve to live in districts that fairly represent the thoughts and wishes of the electorate; they deserve to have an Election Board that is not capable of such horrendous conflicts of interest as we have seen and will see; they deserve to Reform Ohio Now!

Carpetbaggers my ass. Focus People!

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