Of course, despite having tons of work to get done I’m making my blog rounds this am and come acrosss a post from Brewed Fresh Daily which talks about this post at GrowOhio:

There?s some wanking going on over @ the GrowOhio blog. First of all, the post should be titled ?Some Advice to Ohio Political Bloggers Out There?, because the rest of the blogosphere doesn?t want to pimp Kos ads. Second, WTF is blogistan?

So the rub is that Tim is pushing Ohio bloggers to add a bit of walking around money for their efforts in doing what they do. Funny how when you don’t support capitalist ventures it is called “pimping”, but when you do it is “supporting” or “donating to help defray costs” or maybe even “tipping”. But Tim calling on Ohio bloggers to grow the community and both make a bit of change as well as support other progressive/liberal bloggers and causes is evil pimping.

Democracy Guy weighs in on it as well and thinks it may be illegal. Illegal to suggest that a group of people might hook up and talk about growing a network and offsetting time and cost via an ad network. Sure. Keep pimpin’ those ideas. Thanks.

Take down the tip jars people! Get some damned bloggin’ religion. I don’t want you guys pimpin’ for Paypal anymore. What the hell? You guys have a sister’s aunt’s uncle’s niece who works for Paypal? Get your hand outta my pocket!

I love it!

No the blogosphere is certainly not Blogistan. How ludicrous. We all know it is Bloganistan! You know: Competing warlords all trying to scratch and claw for power while being essentially on the same side. You know…Bloganistan!

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