Word on the street is that there is push polling going on that has been tied to the Norquist neocon clan, both in Colorado and Ohio. A diary entry at Daily Kos points this out and Hypothetically Speaking also has some notes about it.

Look for the following number and report it in comments here and in the blogs above so we can track the activity:

(571) 522-1180

Google searches are already pointing this number to the right places.

Keep it up fellas, the clock is ticking. Rat bastards. I’d really like to hear the specific push poll questions being asked, so if any gets any information, please post in comments.

This is disgusting. The SOBs know it will be a low voter turnout, so dirty ass push polling is actually a very effective technique – however slimy. The questions are probably something like “Would you be in favor of the RON amendments if you knew there was hidden language that would require the sacrific of 2% of Ohio children in the amendments?”. Thank you, have a nice day. Sonsabitches!

Update: Democracy Guy has some good info. on push polling. I found his post helpful…you might too.

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